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Work Place Assessments

We can provide complex workplace assessments either for:

  • Individuals
  • The workplace, section/department.

The Individual

A detailed assessment of the person, their health issues and risk and hazards within their workplace. This will take into consideration:

  • Any health issues or conditions.
  • Their workstation layout/design.
  • Their working environment.
  • Work related tasks.

The outcome would be a detailed report highlighting:

  • Influencing factors - root cause analysis.
  • Probable outcome.
  • Solutions

All consolidated into a report, designed in a format which is jargon free and easy to understand.


This is a more detailed analysis. It focuses on the functionality within an area, rather than the individual. It will look at:

  • The tasks performed within the area.
  • The design and layouts.
  • Workstations
  • Equipment
  • The environment, noise, lighting, air quality.

This holistic approach will enable all aspects of the area to be explored to determine:

  • Hazard/Risk
  • Source
  • Methodology for managing.
  • Solutions for improving the working environment.

All the data collected will be compounded in a complex report, which is easy to understand and decipher. This also offers a range of choices and the impact of selecting the different ones.


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