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Under various pieces of Health and Safety Legislation we are obliged to provide staff with training in how to set up and assess a workstation. This course is designed to ensure your Organisation has the necessary skills in-house to make these assessments. These Assessors can then teach staff how to set up their workstations and carry out simple assessments to identify potential issues.

     The Course: DSE Assessors Course
     Length: 1 day.
     Venue: Your own premises.
     Numbers: Max 10

By the end of the course your staff will:

  • Have a clear understanding of your legal obligations.
  • Be able to set up a workstation to a high standard, including:
    • Chair adjustments.
    • Monitor height and positioning.
    • Desk layout.
  • Understand the need for good posture.
  • Understand what constitutes a risk/hard and know how to avoid it.
  • Be able to carry out simple assessments.
  • Know what equipment will help and when to apply it.
  • Know what needs to be recorded.
  • Understand ergonomic issues, such as lighting, noise etcetera.

The programme is delivered by a qualified Ergonomist, with years of experience of setting up workshops in a variety of settings. Yet we still maintain competitive pricing.

Cost: Is dependent on numbers, but can be as low as 40.00 per head.


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Display Screen Equipment
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